About Us

Covenant Homes & Realty, Inc. was created to raise your level of confidence and comfort when you buy or sell a home in the Clovis and Fresno areas  We love working with people, and it’s even more fun and fulfilling to work with people we already have close relationships with.  We only work by referral.  Instead of spending time trying to market and find clients, we are focusing all of our efforts on making you so happy with our services you will want to make sure your friends only work with the best, Covenant Homes, when the need arises.   

Our brand is simple.  We are your friends who work hard because we care about you.  We want you to feel confident and comfortable as you are making big decisions.  We share your values and even take Sundays off because family and faith is what matters most.  We hope you will think of us the next time you, or a friend you know, need real estate help.